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My Quest for Hobbies

Posted in Daegu Happenings with tags , , , on March 31, 2010 by Gina

Ever since we’ve arrived in Daegu I’ve felt incomplete without being able to partake in my favorite activity, this of course, being horseback riding. In an effort to fill the void in my life I’ve been on a quest to find new hobbies I can occupy my time with. My newest trial is taking Jive dance classes with 2 of my fellow teachers from school. This has been quite the experience as the class members are not used to having a foreigner around and are quite entertained by it. One of the men in the class immediately took a liking to me and demanded to dance with me the entire class. See below for how it went.

Daegu, Korea, Dance

Taking a Jive dance class in Daegu, Korea

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