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OOooooo….We’re halfway there….ooooO

Posted in Daegu Happenings, EPIK with tags , , on September 12, 2010 by Gina

The 6 month mark has come and gone and the realization that we are still here in Korea and have 6+ more months to go has been hitting us. We’re past the point of novelty and are left with just the reality of living daily life in a foreign country. A new batch of EPIKers has also just arrived, and if you are reading this, WELCOME! We can all remember the same emotions and anxiety we experienced when we first arrived, and some friends and fellow bloggers have been writing a few posts of advice for newcomers, so check them out here and here. My only advice is take each day as it comes and try not to worry that much and remember it will all work out eventually. And know that there is a huge expat community in Daegu so definitely reach out if you need any help. With that said, here’s a little rundown of what we’ve been doing lately and how we’re trying to make ourselves more at home in the foreign land of the ‘GU.

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