After School and Teacher’s Lessons

On this page I’ll post any assets for my after school classes and teacher’s classes that went well. I teach a mixed group of Intermediate middle schoolers twice a week, and then I teach English to the Subject teachers once a week and the English teachers once a week. Message me if you have any questions about the lessons.

After School

Played an icebreaker game – 3 truths, and 2 lies, about me. Theme for this class was movies. Showed a movie styles PPT to introduce genres. Played a number of movie trailers and discussed. Played hangman with movie titles.

Continued with the movies theme and introduced characters with this PPT. Discussed heros and read over some “hero dialogue“. Then had the students design super heros and discuss using the Hero Factory website. Played MASH for the rest of the class. For a great description of this game click here. MASH game = huge success!

Topic for this class was discussing Music. Downloaded assets from Eat your Kimchi here. Played a number of music videos and discussed using the new vocabulary. Did two listening exercises with different songs. One error correction with the You Gotta Be song. The other fill in the blank with It’s a Wonderful World.

Build a Restaurant!
This activity lasted across 3 different 1.5 hour periods and was a big success. Thanks Amanda for the resources! Basically the lesson consists of having the kids create a restaurant and produce a number of different materials around that.

Class 1: First I showed them a PPT about different restaurant vocabulary. Then I showed them a number of videos about theme restaurants, such as toilet themed, prison themed, military themed, etc.  Then I gave them the guidelines, and a sheet for them to brainstorm their ideas. For the rest of the period they worked on their restaurant concepts.

Class 2: They had the entire period to create their materials, including menus, restaurant design, reviews, script, etc.

Class 3: Presented each of their restaurants. I gave them fake money and told them they had to spend it on their favorite restaurants. Whoever had the most money at the end was the winner. Here is the script they used.

Subject Teachers

Showed an introduction PPT and then did 3 truths 2 lies icebreaker about me. Asked them to write true and false statements about themselves and we all guessed and discussed. Talked about hobbies and other introductory materials until the end of class.

Showed them a PPT about birthday’s since it was my birthday week. Played Odd Word Out for the rest of the period.


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