Grade 1

Chapter 4: At the Pet Shop

1. Told the class we’d be talking about Exotic animals. Asked them to name some rare, unusual animals.

2. Showed the video about Christian the Lion. Asked them to guess what they thought would happen as it played.

3. Showed a PPT about real Exotic Animals, and had them guess descriptions, big small, what do they eat, what do they do.

4. Had them fill out a worksheet to create and describe their own exotic animal.

SUCCESS: *****
The kids got a kick out of seeing the exotic animals, and most came up with pretty creative animals of their own.

Grade 2

Chapter 4: Energy for the Future

1. Had the students finish their Energy posters

2. Had the pairs of students join up with other pairs, and they had to present their new form of energy to them. Made them come up with questions to ask each other about the energy.

3. Called on a few students to share their new form of energy

4. Played “Prediction Bingo” with text from the book if I had to kill time

Most of the kids had somewhat creative types of Energy. It the kids were interested, it facilitated talking, but not all of the class was into it.

Grade 3

Chapter 4: Champion of the Heart

1. Had the students finish up their Heroes presentations for 10 minutes

2. Showed the students an example of my Personal Hero and why I looked up to them

2. Called on each group to come to the front and present their Perosonal Heroes

The kids that try hard in Grade 3 put together good presentations for their heroes. Some tried to hard and had essays up on the PPT and then could barely tell me what the person did. The lesson was mostly successful, just a little hard to keep the students attention during the presentations.


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