Grade 1

Chapter 3: Join Our Club

1. Small talk with the class about different types of clubs.

2. Do the Listen and Talk sections of the book.

3. Do a matching worksheet where the kids must fill in the blanks with a wordbank. To use the picture sheet I had to white out the words and make copies.

4. Tell them they will all have to join clubs, and they will be doing a group activity for the next few weeks. After 5 people join each club, they will have to work with their groups to fill out a dialogue and create a club poster. They will then have to present to the class and try to convince people to join their club.

Grade 2

Chapter 3: Folktales from Around the World

1. Show a Folktales PPT about elements of folktales

2. Do the Talk and Talk sections of the book

3. Play the story the Frog Prince for them. Ask questions about the main character, hero, problem and moral.

4. In groups of 4 they will then have to create their own folktale using a fill in the blank. For the next 2 periods they will have to illustrate their folktales and then present them to the class.

Grade 3

Chapter 3: Music Around Us

1. Make small talk about who plays what instruments

2. Do the Talk and Talk sections of the book

3. Show a Music PPT on how to discuss music

4. Have the students work in pairs for a Music activity. They have to listen to 4 different types of music, and then after each one  ask their partner what they thought about…the beat, the singing, the instruments, and overall. They can use the words from the PPT to fill in their worksheets.


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