Grade 1:

Topic:  Birthdays!

1. Showed the class a PPT about Birthday celebrations in America. Asked them questions about how they celebrate birthdays.

2. Showed them a PPT about Astrology, and described each sign.

3. Told the class that’s how Astrology describes you, but how would you describe yourself? The last slide of the PPT showed vocab words they’d learned about personaolity traits. They had to fill out a worksheet with traits they thought were true and false about themselves and their partners and give a reason why.

4. Called on students to share what they wrote with the class.


The students were interested in the PPTs, but many did not fully understand the activity.

Grade 2:

1-2. Same as Grade 1

3. Gave the students a sheet that had all of the astrological signs and lists of positive and negative personality traits. Told them they had to look up the definition of the words and choose ones they agreed and disagreed with and why. The sheet also lists which signs would make a good match together. For those who understood they got a kick out of it.


Not the most successful lesson ever. Most of the students thought it was way too hard. This lesson definitely made it apparent who were the stars of the class though. Some students knew all the vocabulary words without having to look them up.

Grade 2 Low:

1. Showed the same birthday PPT

2. Asked them questions about how they spend their birthdays, what type of presents they get, etc.

3. Gave them a birthday word search

4. Went over the vocabulary in the word search, had them draw pictures of the meanings on the board. Spend the rest of the class playing hangman.

Grade 3:

Same lesson as Grade 2. Pretty much the same level of success as well.


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