Grade 1:

Chapter 2:  Transportation Around the World.

1. Gave the students 10-15 more minutes to finish their drawings from last week.

2. Had the students come up in pairs, hold up their drawings, and ask the class questions like Where is he from? What is the landscape like there? What methods of transportation does he take?

City = Alaska / Transportation = drunken dog sled and helicopter

3. Played Transportation Bingo! Had the students walk around and ask each other questions about transportation. If the answer was yes they’d fill in that students name in the blank. They could not write the same name twice and whoever had the most blocks filled in at the end one.

SUCCESS: *****

Most of the students’ drawings were great, they were totally invovled in asking questions about the pictures, and had fun playing bingo. It helped that the co-teacher gave them points according to teams.

Grade 2:

Chapter 2:  Welcome to the Show

1. Showed a PPT about different types of performances. Had the students guess each, and then repeat the finished sentences.

2. Did the Talk and Talk sections of the book. Practiced Agree and Disagree.

3. Had the students watch 3 different types of performances and then ask each other what they thought after each. They watched a ballet scene, musical scene, and a Jabbawockeez dance from America’s Best Dance Crew. After watching all three I asked what each group thought and wrote them on the board, and then asked whether everyone agreed or disagreed. If there was extra time, or they were bored, showed them the Ok Go video.


Most of the classes were involved in the lesson. Some classes weren’t entertained by the scenes showed, but most enjoyed them.

Grade 3:

Chapter 2:  Too Young for This, Too Old for That

1. Had the students complete the comic books about the stories they worked on in the previous class.

2. Told the students they’d have to perform their stories so then had them brainstorm for their skits.

3. Had the students act out their skits and asked the class questions about each story.


The students seemed to be excited about doing skits, but then weren’t very good at acting. Some of them made pretty good drawings though.


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