Grade 1:

Chapter 2:  Transportation Around the World.

1. Began class with a PPT showing methods of transportation in different countries.  Had students guess words.

2. Did the Listen and Talk pages of the book together.

3. Had the students work in pairs to complete a worksheet. They had to ask each other questions about where they live, what kind of landscape is there, and what transportation do they take. Instead of them living in Daegu though, I let them pick a city/country out of a hat for where they lived. Most cooresponded to the countries I showed in the PPT.  Before handing out the worksheet I explained words like “landscape” and “method”.

4. Handed out sheets of paper and told the students to draw the landscape and methods of transportation in the cities they just talked about.

*PS: This lesson will carry over to next week. During the next class they will finish their drawings, and then we’ll show them to the class and talk about them. For the rest of class they will play Transportation Bingo.

SUCCESS: (*****)

Even though I didn’t think this less was amazingly exciting, the students were into it and very involved. I love first graders.

Grade 2:

Chapter 1:  The Real Champion

1. To get the students involved and into English speaking mode – I played the trailer to The Sandlot. Then I asked them questions like – What sport is this movie about? Who is their favorite athlete? etc.

2. For the rest of the class we played the Guess Who game described here. Here are the modified categories I used, and the clue cards for each student.

SUCCESS: (****)

Game worked well. Some classes thought the Sandlot trailer was funny, some, not so much…

Grade 3:

Chapter 2: Too Young for This, Too Old for That  –  (about fair vs unfair, feelings, emotions, etc)

1. To get them involved and introduced to the Chapter, I played 2 Cinderella clips, found here and here.  For the first clip I asked them – ” What were the mice complaining about?” “What chores did Cinderella have to do?” “How did they feel about the situation?” and “What did they want to do for her?” For the second clip I asked “Where the sisters being fair to Cinderella?” “Was the mother treating them equally?” and “What did they do to the dress?”

2. Then we went over the Talk and Talk sections of the book.

3. Then I put one of the conversations on the computer screen, and told them we were going to think of an alternate dialogue by filling in new words. I’d type in new words as they called them out (or I’d plug in my own if they refused to participate).

4. I then told them they were going to work in groups of 4 to fill out their own dialogue and make a new story. Each student would fill out one of the 4 sections.

5. If the class finished the worksheet I then gave them 4 small pieces of paper and told them to draw a comic book about their story.

*PS: This lesson carries over to next week. During the next week, they will finish drawing their comic books, come up with a skit for them, and then act them out and read their stories to the class in groups.

SUCCESS: (****)

Some of the stories were creative, others didn’t understand, and a lot came up with the same story – “My cats are running away…” Not sure why this was the most common scenario…


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