Grade 1

Chapter 9: Our Dreams

1. Showed introduction ppt about professions and dreams

2. Disappearing Dialogue practice at the end of PPT

3. Talk and Talk sections of the book

4. Group activity with profession cards. Each student secretly choose a profession out of a hat and their group members had to ask them questions and guess what profession they had.

5. Played Evolution game described on the last slide of the PPT. The levels I used were 4. Bug 3. Chicken 2. Monkey 1. Teacher. Students all start out at the bottom level and must make a motion to show which animal they are. They have to find someone on the same level and ask them a question. After both have asked and answered they play Kai Bai Bo to see who can move up to the next level. Whoever becomes a teacher first wins. If you need to make it harder – whoever beats 3 teachers first wins, etc.

Grade 2

Chapter 9: Korean Rice Cakes

1. Asked questions about what is eaten for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Korea vs. America and wrote everything on the board

2. Talk and Talk sections of the book

4. Went through a ppt on table manners with a short quiz

3. Group worksheet where they had to ask each other questions about which food they wanted to eat. Each student had 3 hidden foods they wanted

Grade 3

Chapter 9: King Alfred and the Cakes

*Since this chapter is somewhat about stories and storytelling, I decided to do a comic book lesson.

1. Introduce topic of comics / storytelling with ppt

2. Go through new vocabulary from the Chapter

3. Show a Simpons clip, ask who is the main character, villain, secondary characters, etc.

4. Told the students they could either draw their own comic books, or fill in blank ones. They had to use vocabulary from the chapter and they worked as a team for the rest of class.


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