Grade 1:

Chapter 1: Introductions, Appearances, Personality, etc.

1: Began class with a PPT showing celebrties, and had them guess different characteristics about them to get them speaking in English. Then it was game time!

2: Guess Who:

It took up the rest of the class period, was pretty entertaining, and had the kids talking and using the vocab.  I put the kids into groups of 5 or 6, put a list of Categories up on the computer, and then passed out a Card to every student. Each card had a number, question, and answer. I would pick a random number out of a hat, and whichever student had the card with that number had to stand up. They then picked a student from a different team and they had to stand up. Student A then read Student B his question, like “Guess what my favorite hobby is”. Student B had to look on the board at the list of Hobbies, and guess. I gave them 3 guess at the beginning. If they got it right on the first try, 2 points. Second/Third try, 1 point. Then Student B would ask their question and Student A would ask. Then they both sit down and I’d pick a new number.

Game lasts the whole period and whoever has the most points at the end wins…yay!

PS:  I had to cut out new cards for every class because the students destroy them by the end.

PPS:  These files were originally in Excel, so as the students guessed the correct answers I would erase them from the list. If you want the excel file just shoot me and email and I’ll send it to you.

SUCCESS: *****

Grade 2:

Chapter 1: Favorite sports, Frequency, Equipment, etc.

1. Began the class with a ppt about Famous Athletes, and asked the students questions about what sports they play, etc, to get them speaking in English.

2. Listened to the Talk and Talk excercises in the book and had them answer questions using the CD. Had the students listen to the longer dialogue in the book and answer questions.

3.  Put the previous dialogue up on the computer screen, with certain words underlined. Asked the students to think of alternative words and I’d type them in. (Original file is excel, email me if you want it)

4. Have the students work in pairs to form their own alternative conversations.

5. Choose paits to stand up and read their conversations.

SUCCESS:  ****

Even though we didn’t play any games during this period, the students seemed pretty engaged, and some came up with pretty creative stories.

Grade 3:

Chapter 1: Countries, Famous For, Known For, etc

1. Began class with a PPT showing Famous Celebrities, and had them guess where they are from, and what those countries are known for.

2. Played the same game as Grade 1 except with different vobaulary. Here are the Categories, and here are the Clue Cards.

SUCCESS: *****

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions or need any files.


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