Grade 1

Chapter 8: Nasrredin and the Fish (Restaurant / Food Vocabulary)

1. Showed an introduction PPT with target dialogue and vocabulary

2. Talk and Talk sections of the book

3. Played a restaurant relay game. Competed in groups, students took turns being the waiter and taking their teams orders from a menu, and they had to run and retrieve pictures of the correct food.

4. Another activity if you need a back up is a Food_Bingo game. The students each get a board and they have to walk around asking each other questions about food to fill in the board. You can make a rule that they can only have the same signature once or twice depending on how big your class is.

Grade 2

Chapter 8: Living Together

1. Showed a ppt about different kinds of volunteering in different countries

2. Had the students create an organization they’d like to volunteer for and fill out a worksheet.

3. They then had to create a poster representing their group.

4. Students shared their ideas with their group and filled out questions.

*Used a word search with lower level classes

Grade 3

Chapter 8: The World of Special Effects

1. Asked students about different genres of movies, wrote them on the board. Talk about what elements make up each type of movie.

2. Showed ppt on special effects and talked about what kind of effects each movie used

3. Played a dialogue scramble game at the end of the PPT

4. Had students work in pairs to ask and answer questions from their book about their favorite movies


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