Grade 1

Chapter 7: At the Traditional Market – Would you like to…

1. Show a short ppt to practice the dialogue “Would you like to…”

2. Did Dialogue Scramble Game at the end of PPT

3. Had the students complete a worksheet with a partner

Grade 2

1. Showed a ppt to review vocabulary from Chapter 6 and 7

2. Had the students work in pairs to complete a Plan a Vacation activity

3. Ask a few teams to talk about their vacations

4. Played Dialogue Scramble game at the end of PPT

Grade 3

1. Introduce the topic of Phone Conversations. Had 2 students stand up and demonstrate a phone conversation, asking the other out to the movies. Wrote their dialogue out on the board, and then talked over with the class what was missing (like small talk – How are you, Are you busy Friday?)

2. Did a Phone Call Activity. Half the students had sheet sheet A and half had sheet B. They had to pretend to be the caller and receiver and ask each other to make various plans.

3. Did a listening Fill in the Blank activity with the Lady Gaga song – Telephone


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