Grade 1

Chapter 7: At the Traditional Market

1. Introduced the Lesson and explained we’d be talking about Making Appointments this period.

2. Showed a PPT to introduce Schedule activity.

3. Students had to work in pairs to ask each other if they’d like to do 4 different activities together. Once they agreed on a date and a time they had to fill in their Schedule Worksheet

4. After they completed the worksheet we played a game of Dialogue Scramble. Students had to look at the dialogues on the screen with the sentences jumbled and the first team to unscramble them and read them correct got a point. (dialogues included in PPT).

5. If there was additional time left over they played a bombs game using vocabulary from the chapter. Students had to read a sentence according to the box they choose and which pictures matched up with it.

Grade 2

Chapter 7: Enjoying Art

1. Showed a ppt and talked about different kinds of museums

2. Played video bingo with the movie Night at the Museum. I had written down a number of items that were, or were not in the videos and the students made their own bingo boards and checked them off as they watched the clips


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