Grade 2

Chapter 7: Enjoying Art

1. Show a short PPT introducing the topic of Art

2. Do the Talk and Talk sections of the book

3. Did an “Art Gallery” activity. I put up pictures of art all around the room and divided the students into groups. I told them they had to open their own art gallery and had to choose their first piece of art to showcase.

4. After each grouped walked around and choose their art they had to fill out this sheet of information on their art

5, Had all groups present their artwork and museums and asked the other groups questions

This lesson was a nice change of pace for the kids. Had them walking around and thinking creatively, so I think they enjoyed it.

Grade 3

Chapter 7: Global Advertising

1. First I showed a few different TV commercials, and asked the students what kind of “themes” they thought the advertisers used to hook the audience. Examples below, but pick your favorites. Themes range from Humor, Music, Celebrity, Surprise, Belonging to a Group, etc, etc. Wrote all themes on the board

2. Then showed part of the Media Wise video on EFL Classroom

3. Then had the students work with a partner and take a quiz about the video

4. Finally played a few more ads and had the students fill in the chart at the end of the quiz about each commercial. Here are a few I showed:


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