Grade 1

Chapter 6: Postcard from Santorini

1. Introduced the Chapter, told them we’re talking about Directions and Vacations.

2. Did the Talk and Talk sections of the book

3. Did a Directions Activity with partners. Each pair had an A and B worksheet with a map, and different places marked. They had to ask their partners for directions to find the places marked on their partners maps (but not on theirs)

4. Introduced Postcard activity. 5 of my friends/family from home each wrote a “postcard” to one of the classes. Just created a PPT with a note and picture from each of them. All of the notes included a question for the class.

5. I let the students choose a name randomly without seeing the PPTs and then showed them their postcard. They then had to write a postcard back to my family members answering their question.

6. I told them to come up with one question to ask my family and write it on the back. Next class we would choose 1 question and I’d videotape them asking it and send it to my family, along with pictures of their postcards.

SUCCESS: *****
One of the best lessons yet. The kids loved seeing the pictures and notes from my family, and many students came up with very creative notes/pictures to send back.

Grade 2

Chapter 6: Traveling Far Away

1. Introduced the Chapter by showing a PPT and talking about different things to pack in different countries. 

2. Did the Talk and Talk section of the book

3. Explained Postcard activity. Each student makes a postcard about a chosen country, explaining the weather, sights to see, and things they should pack. They draw a picture on the other half of the paper.

4. After they’ve created their postcards they get into groups to share. Their group members have to ask questions about their postcard location and guess what country it is about.

Good lesson. No issues or real comments to make.

Grade 3

Chapter 6: Dear Children of the Earth

1. Introduced the Chapter, ask them what they think it is about.

2. Read of the conversations in the book for Listen and Talk

3. Begin conversation about the environment, showing a PPT about the Gulf Oil Spill, clean sources of energy, and ways they can conserve energy

4. Played a game of Eco Fued, testing the students knowledge about the environment.

SUCCESS: *****
3rd graders love competition. Even though I hadn’t taught them about the environment, they could figure out most of the questions with a few hints and had a lot of fun with the game.


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