Grade 1

Chapter 5: World of Robots (Hidden Talents)

1. Introduced the Lesson by explaining we’ll be talking about Hidden Talents. Ask the class if they have any special talents.

2. Show a PPT explaining different types of Hidden Talents, both physical and mental

3. Show a youtube video of the Tyra Banks show interviewing Beyonce about her hidden Talents.

4. Explain they will have to come up with a celebrity and decide on their hidden talents, and then interview their classmates about it. Do an example of the exercise with co-teacher.

5. Review as a class, talk about who they all met and what hidden talents the celebrities have.

Worksheet to fill out

This lesson went well after the kids understood what hidden talents were and grasped the exercise.

Grade 2

Chapter 5: Different Places, Different Houses (Dream Houses)

1. Talk about Dream Houses, show PPT of different houses and special rooms

2. Show a short trailer of MTV Teen Cribs

3. Explain Dream House Character Activity: Each pair of students will recieve a picture of a unique dream house, and they have to fill out a profile about the type of person who lives there.

4. Once they are finished they will make a group with another pair and discuss the people who live in their dream houses.

Successful lesson. Some students were creative with the person they invented, some didn’t try as hard.

Grade 3

Chapter 5: Great Inventions of the World

1. Each group presented invetions to the class. Asked questions after each presentation and counted how many people would actually buy the products they had come up with.

Presentations for this lesson didn’t go as I originally planned. I wanted them to rotate in groups and explain their inventions to each group in an infomercial type format. Too many students for this plan, so each group presented individually, and only a few groups were creative and actually tried to make it sound like an infomercial.


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