Grade 1

Chapter 5: World of Robots

1. Introduced the Chapter, told them we’d be talking about things you can and can’t do.

2. Showed them a PPT of different animals and asked questions about can/can’t.

3. Did the Talk and Talk sections of the book

4. Did a listening/fill in the blank activity with the song “Anything you can do, I can do better”

5. Played a game of Pass it On/Charades with pictures of robots. The students sat in rows, I showed the last students in the rows a picture of a robot and they had to mime the activity to the person in front of them, and then they had to show the person in front of them, all the way up to the first person. Whoever was first to stand up and say in a full sentence what the robot in the picture was doing, their team would get a point.

SUCCESS: *****
This lesson also went pretty smoothly. It was the lesson I had to teach an open class in, so I tried to make it a little more exciting than normal.

Grade 2

Chapter 5: Different Places, Different Houses

1. Introduced the Chapter by showing a PPT of different types of houses

2. Did the Talk and Talk section of the book

3. Showed them my house on Google Maps

4. Went through a PPT of items in a house. Showed a layout of my house and the items in it

5. Told them they’d have to draw the layout of their houses and label the rooms. Then they’d have to ask their partner questions about their house

Students loved seeing my house on google maps. Some weren’t that interested in drawing their houses, but most participated.

Grade 3

Chapter 5: Great Inventions of the World

1. Introduced the Chapter, asked the students to tell me what they thought some of the greatest inventions were.

2. Read of the conversations in the book for Listen and Talk

3. Showed a PPT of the Top 5 Greatest Inventions

4. Told them they’d be working on a project to create an Infomercial. Showed them a few infomercial examples and explained what goes into an infomercial, and that it’s normally for some new, random product someone invited.

5. In groups, students had to brainstorm new invention, and fill out questions and a script to present their infomercials the following week

Haven’t had the presentation class yet, so will post how the overall lesson went next week.


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