Grade 1:

Began with an introductory PPT to show the students more about where I’m from, my hobbies and my family. Moved on to a worksheet where the students work in pairs, asking each other questions about their hobbies, where they are from, etc. After they’ve learned about their partner, I told them they’d be making name tags for their partners and using English_Names. They could draw pictures on the name tag showing their partners’ hobbies. It took a few rounds of explaining for them to understand – ‘No, make a name tag for your PARTNER, and draw PICTURES about their hobbies’. After they finished with the name tags we called on pairs to stand up and introduce their partner by their English name, and explain their hobbies.

Grade 2:

The Grade 2 lesson was the same as Grade 1, except their first chapter focused on favorite sports and frequency of which they practiced them. The worksheet they used is here.

Grade 3:

For the Grade 3 classes, the teachers thought the students might not be interested in English names, so I took a more traditional approach to the lesson. Began with another PPT introducing myself, but added a few more slides focusing on vocab words like Foreigner, Exchange, Border, etc. The first lesson of the Grade 3 book is ‘Around the World’. After that just went over the pronunciation of their vocab words, and then read over the Talk and Talk sections of the chapter as a class. Before each conversation they had to close their books and we began with Bingo. I wrote key words from the conversations on the board, and they’d fill in a Bingo board on a sheet of paper. I would then read the story with my co-teacher and the first student with 2 Bingos won a piece of candy. After reading the 3 conversations in the book as a class we played a few rounds of Dialogue Strips. For this game I typed up the conversations in the book and then cut out the individual sentences. The students then worked in groups and had to put the conversation in the proper order, first team done wins. I wrote up another conversation as well, in addition to the ones in the book to use more vocab words. Left about 10 minutes at the end of class for the co-teacher to translate key expressions.

Overall, I’d say my first week of classes was a success. Some of the students were definitely more eager to participate than others, but hopefully it’ll get better and better as the year goes on. Next week I’ll have my first classes of low students, so hopefully these same lesson plans work! Wish me luck.


4 Responses to “CLASS 1”

  1. Susan Casbarro Says:

    Hey Gi,
    You sound like a real professional. From the looks of your Lesson Plans it seems like you’ve been doing this for years. Do I see a future as an ESOL teacher in a Community College???

  2. Haha, thanks mom. I don’t know about that though. My co-teachers seem pretty impressed with the lesson plans, they said maybe teaching is in my blood. Must have learned it from you.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey, how do I navigate past week 1? are there also lesson plans for week 2, etc.?


  4. Hey Elizabeth,

    Last week was my first week of classes, so that’s all I had so far. I’ll post my lesson 2 plans from this past week, this weekend. Stay tuned 🙂

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