The Beginning of the End

Winter vacation has officially arrived, and with that means our time in Korea will soon be over. Despite the fact that some of Korea’s idiosyncrasies are wearing more and more on our nerves, I know I will be very sad to leave. Here are a few things I will miss:

MY KIDDIES (most of them)

Last week was my Harry Potter themed Winter Camp that went pretty successfully considering I had no money to spend on it.

Here’s a picture of my kids looking all innocent after they glued a gorilla on Emma Watson.
Daegu, South Korea

Ecstatic after winning 2nd place for the whole camp. Obviously these kids are too cool for school.
Daegu, South Korea

Much more excited about trying to make each other drink a cup of coke with pretzels in it.
Daegu, South Korea

And the whole gang.
Daegu, South Korea
Overall I really enjoyed teaching these kids for a year. I don’t know if I would say teaching is my “calling” but it was surprisingly nice having kids look up to you and developing relationships with some of them.

We’ve met some amazing people out here who will be greatly missed when we go home. It was an awesome experience getting the chance to meet people from so many different places we’d normally never have a chance to meet. Hopefully we can all keep in touch after we venture on to our own corners of the world, and maybe get a chance to visit each other’s hometowns sometime down the road. To all my Daegoobers. You will be missed.

Daegu, South Korea

One of the main reasons we came to South Korea in the first place, was to have the opportunity and time available to travel. This year has not let us down as we’ve had the chance to explore Korea, and take trips to China and Japan. In a week and half we’ll be off to the Philippines for a much needed beach vacation, and then February 26th will mark the beginning of our 2 month adventure out to Cambodia/Vietnam/Laos/Thailand. And to cap off an amazing year, our friends from back home will be meeting us in Thailand for our last big hurrah. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

The flight that started it all:
South Korea, teaching
Overall, this year was truly unforgettable, and changed my views on how you can live life. Even though we have no plans for what’s next once we return to the states, I’m not too concerned. I feel as though this year marks the beginning of an amazing and unconventional life.


2 Responses to “The Beginning of the End”

  1. I am moving there in a little over a month and I plan on visiting your blog and reading about your last year to glean some wisdom!!!

  2. I have a close friend from high school that has taught English in South Korea for 3 years. I’m glad you got to do so much traveling while there and I can’t wait to hear all about your Southeast Asia trip!

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