Amazing Race – Daegu Edition

Amazing Race Champions - DaeguThis weekend, our wonderful friends Yujung and Gavin organized an Amazing Race competition around Daegu to help support this charity.  Part of the entry fees would be awarded to the charity, while the rest would go to the winning teams. Our team was awesome enough to win first place!

This competition was a race all around the city of Daegu to find certain places or do certain things, and then take photo or video proof.  It consisted of 10 missions and had us racing across the city and back for about 3 hours.

Here are some of the highlights:

#5. Do a choreographed dance in a crowded place (our decision: YMCA on the subway).

#4. Eat 순대 (pig intestines). Thanks for taking the heat on that one Amanda!

Amazing Race - Daegu

#8. Find an Ajumma in Duryu park with an awesome visor.

Amazing Race - Daegu

#7. Find a Korean who is willing to help you, by acting out or giving clues to a list of Korean words in an envelope. These middle school girls were awesome!

#2. Take a picture at World Cup Stadium.

Amazing Race - Daegu

#6. Ride the death-defying Viking ride at the abandoned amusement park at Suseong Lake. Obviously not my favorite 3 minutes of life.

#10. Do your best Abbey Road recreation. This isn’t exactly top-notch, but keep in mind this is a busy intersection downtown and we are trying to explain to Koreans where we need the picture taken from.

Amazing Race - Daegu


Amazing Race - Daegu

Thanks again to everyone involved for a truly amazing day.


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