Finally made it to Ulsan!

So we’ve been here for almost 6 months already and we still hadn’t made it over to see our friends in Ulsan – who inspired us to come to Korea in the first place. Well this weekend we finally checked it off the list and made it over to see their city before they peace out of Korea and book it over to Vietnam. We spent the weekend eating good food, drinking mokkoli and sightseeing at Kings Rock. Check out the highlights below, and our flickr page for all the pics. Our camera died mid-visit, so hopefully more stolen pictures to come later. 🙂

Ilsan Beach, Ulsan

Ilsan Beach, Ulsan

Ilsan Beach, Ulsan

Socks and Sandals

Ilsan Beach, Ulsan

Beautiful scenery

Kings Rock, Ilsan Beach, Ulsan

King's Rock

Kings Rock, Ilsan Beach, Ulsan

Kings Rock, Ilsan Beach, Ulsan

Seafood Ladies

After 2 hours of leisurely “hiking” our curiosity pulled us to the women calling out to the sightseers above, beckoning them to come down and try some of the seafood they freshly plucked out of the sea. Since we have limited courage in the newly dead seafood arena, we bought 4 large oysters and tried one each (turning down the sea cucumber, sea urchins, and other unidentifiable items). They were not awful, and I’m sure some of the freshest we could ever buy. After that we headed to a restaurant that served cooked seafood to satiate our (or at least Shauna and my) fishy cravings.

Overall lovely weekend and we were so happy to finally visit our friends in their home city. Thanks Shauna and Randy!


One Response to “Finally made it to Ulsan!”

  1. Once you get used to those super fresh undead o_o seafood, it’s hard to eat raw fish in the inlands. They don’t feel… fresh- Well, it happened to me. I’m a raw fish maniac but after a trip to SokCho, i had to quit on trying raw seafood for more than a year!

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