Summer Timeeee….

…and the livings, well, a little slow at school anyways. The school year here has ended last week, and now SHOULD be the sweet bliss of summer vacation for students and teachers alike, but alas, that is not the case. If anyone has been wondering why we have so much time to facebook chat these days, let us shed some light for you.

Apparently, the Department of Education, administrators, and general public alike don’t think students and teachers work hard enough during the year, so they make students attend summer camps during the break to study more. Most teachers come to school only for a few hours during the morning for 2 weeks to teach a short club class, and then get most of August off for vacation (at least in my school). The teachers also rotate coming to school for full days, to “watch over” the school I guess.

Since THAT wouldn’t even be enough for their valued Native English teachers (us), they allow us only 8 days of vacation throughout the summer, and for the rest of the time we teach said summer camps, at our school and others, and for whatever time is leftover we sit at school. We sit, and stalk facebook, we sit, and vacation plan, we sit and watch news and tv shows and movies until we can’t sit anymore and fall asleep at our desks. Which is perfectly acceptable.

To shed some light on the Korean work ethic and how most really have it worse off than us check out this video.

And to see how most NETs feel about the whole situation, check out this video, courtesy of The Waygook Effect

All in all, it’s really not that bad. It’s just yet another nuance of South Korean culture that’s a little hard for us Waygooks to understand.


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