The Final Stretch

So our parents have come and gone before we’ve had a chance to blink. We’ve traversed city-life in Seoul, seen the tourist sights in Busan, and the traditional countryside in Gyeong-ju. And then of course good old Daegu for 2 weeks back to back. Check out all the pictures below and on our Flickr page to see more.

Teaching English, Daegu, South Korea

Favorite Grade 1 Class with the Parents

Traditional Korean meal in Daegu, South Korea

Traditional Korean with the Co-Teachers

Shabu Shabu, Daegu, South Korea

Extravagent Shabu Shabu Seafood lunch with the Principal

Dr. Fish, Daegu, South Korea

Dr. Fish Cafe

The reason for my face!

Sa Rang Chae Guest House, Gyeong-Ju, South Korea

Beautiful Sa Rang Chae Guest House in Gyeong-Ju

Sa Rang Chae, Gyeong-Ju, South Korea

Our sleepy guesthouse neighbor

Gyeong-Ju, South Korea

Field in Gyeong-Ju

Now it’s time to relax…for a few days at least. And then it’s off to Boreyong Mudfest this weekend, the start of 3 summer camps next week, and CHINA in August!


3 Responses to “The Final Stretch”

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  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks so much for checking out our blog! We appreciate you adding us to your list 🙂

    Go! Overseas looks like a great resource.

  3. You’re welcome! Please feel free to contact me further if you have any questions about us and the services we offer.


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