Weekend Highlights

Since I am still floating in and out of this bizarre cold, often called the Korean Crud, we had a somewhat low-key weekend. But it was a little break from the routine and included a few comforting reminders of home while furthering my quest for hobbies. Read below for notes from our weekend filled with Australian fish and chips, yoga, salsa dancing, and art fairs. And since I somehow managed to leave my camera at home during all of these events, most of my pictures will be stolen…

Sydney Street, Daegu, South Korea

Promo picture of Fish and Chips

On Friday we decided to try out a new area called Keimyung University, which is somewhat close to where we live. I had read an article in Daegu Pockets about an Australian Pub called Sydney Street, that promised imported beer, along with fish and chips and some other traditional Australian fare. We arrive and it’s a little smaller than I expected, but overall has a nice atmosphere. I order the fish and chips straight away and am crossed my fingers that they’d satiate my craving for anything delicious and non-Korean. The food arrives shortly and looks a little peculiar, the fish are in small pieces, and the plate has no side dishes (including the nice looking salad that’s in the picture above, courtesy of Sydney St’s facebook page). The fries are also not quite right and there is no malt vinegar in sight. But overall they actually tasted pretty good and were a welcome break from all the Korean cuisine.

Spent the rest of the night in a VERY authentic Pakistani restaurant and then hung out for a while drinking makoli before heading home. Just an FYI – you cannot just order drinks in most bars in Korea, you most likely have to order food. After the man in the makoli bar forced Joel and I to cheers and then tried to convince us to chug our wine, he made us order some random items off the menu, and the below is what we ended up with. (Pictures stolen from Ashley, thanks!)

Kimchi Tofu

Kimchi Tofu...yummmmm

Saturday morning, made some delicious banana french toast for breakfast and then started the trek out to Siji for yoga, (check out their FB page for more info). The hour commute is worth it, as the studio is gorgeous, and it’s usually a fairly small class, this time actually turning into a private session as no one else showed up. Once I mentioned to the instructor I was fighting a sinus cold, she busted out a netty pot for my first attempt at using this contraption. It actually made me feel a lot better, combined with an hour of yoga.

That night, I somehow convinced Joel to finally try a salsa class, ironically having to leave Miami and come to South Korea to accomplish this. They hold classes every Saturday night at the Babalu club/bar in downtown. More ironically, after talking to the instructor, we realized that she also went to UF and learned salsa at the same studio as I did, Salsa Caliente. Small world, huh? After a fun hour of LA style class and a special goodbye Rueda class for the teacher from G-Ville who’s moving back home, we headed out downtown. Meet up with some friends for drinks and then called it a night.

As I’ve been missing going to the Design District for gallery walks in Miami, I managed to find some type of Art Fair being held at the EXCO on Sunday. I made my way out there to meet up with some girls to have a leisurely afternoon filled with art and culture. Art Daegu was nothing compared to an Art Basel, but it had an interesting collection of pieces from galleries all over Korea and was actually really nice. We lucked out and there was a Food Fair being held on another floor of the EXCO so we popped in there after for some free samples. After making a quick jaunt to Costo to check it out (which I will probably never shop at considering how far/insanely crowded with Korean families it is) I made my way home for a relaxing night.

Quite a successful weekend. I’ll post links to stolen pictures from Art Daegu as soon as my friends post them 🙂


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  1. We had that Kimchi tofu for lunch at my school once. It looked just like that too. Every teacher got one block…nothing else.

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