Weekend Highlights

This past weekend was pretty relaxing and felt as if we’re settling in a bit more. Friday Joel was craving real food after having been sick for a month so we headed over to Gorilla Burger. Let me just say, might want to stick to the burgers, as the chicken sandwich I had was less than satisfying. But the burgers – delish.

Gorilla Burger, Daegu South Korea

Saturday we woke up, fully rested after calling it an early night. We headed over to Daemyeong station to volunteer for KAPS, a dog and cat adoption center in Daegu. After a quick safety session which consisted of, don’t let your dog bite children, and don’t let drunken old men kick your dog or tell you how good your dog will taste for dinner, we went off to the shelter to pick our dogs. Looking around Joel and I choose two little brown dogs. I was scared mine would be super hyper as it was jumping all around the cage, but turned out to be sweet and calm once we got out on the street. Joel’s was a yapper, and might be a little crazy, but was definitely grateful to Joel for taking him out. Check out all the pictures here.

KAPS dog walk in Daegu, South Korea

Me and my doggy

KAPS dog walk in Daegu, South Korea

Joel with his pooch

We took the dogs on a stroll through a side of Duryu we’d never seen before. Definitely need to venture back down to the lake sometime and explore a little more. Preferably once we have bikes! We were quite the scene as Koreans aren’t used to seeing a pack of about 30 foreigners walking an assortment of dogs. It was pretty entertaining to see the reactions of the children and old men, which was usually run away in fear, or stare and point confusedly. It was a very nice afternoon, and we were sad to part with our furry friends, but our stomachs were calling.

That night we finally tried out a restaurant I’ve been eyeing called Mies. It is right next to Thursday Party for those in Daegu interested in checking it out. We ordered the potato, bacon pizza, the salad pasta, and a little sample of the bbq chicken. All of it was absolutely scrumptious, and if you’re wondering what salad pasta is, it’s salad…with angel hair pasta at the bottom. The bbq chicken was some of the best I’ve had ever and I’ll definitely be getting the platter next time I’m there. After that we went across the street to Berkley for a bottle of wine. Actually felt like we weren’t in Daegu as we sat under a big tree on an outdoor patio…would have felt transported to the Gables if it weren’t for little Korean children coming up to us to practice their English. After that we norebonged it up for a few hours, had some yummy gyros and then headed home.

Sunday was a relaxing mix of yoga and brunch at Lazy Diner, and then off to buy our KTX tickets for next weekend. We finally have everything booked for our weekend trip to Busan/Geoje Island, so now we just have to pray for good weather.


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  1. All the the dogs look adorable! Did any get adopted?

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