Another year older

All too soon my birthday has arrived here in Korea, before we’ve had the chance to really settle in.  I was  not quite looking forward to it, as it was on a Tuesday, I had my most classes to teach, and I wouldn’t have the company of my family and friends back home to celebrate. But the teachers and students at my school really made it a wonderful day.

Since I had decided to do a birthday lesson all week, all of the teachers and students knew it was my bithday. When I first arrived at school my computer was covered with little sticky heart notes with messages from all of the English teachers.

Birthday in Daegu, Korea

Here are a few examples of the notes:

To Jina – Happy Birthday to you! I made this for you.
J: Jewelry, always shining with your warm heart
I: Intoxicating charm in your smile
N:  Noble friend, you are
A:  Affectionate to nature and human

This one is from my co-teacher:

Dear Lovely Teacher Gina
Happy Birthday!!
I’m really happy to have a nice co-teacher like you 🙂
I hope you have a wonderful time in Korea and this Bonri middle school.
Have a great day!!

I was touched that they had done anything, and then 5 minutes later they call me over and they had a huge cake. They sang me Happy Birthday and we all had a piece.

Birthday in Daegu, South Korea

Throughout the day all the kids were shouting Happy Birthday, Congratulations, and I love you! I got hugs and high fives from students and a few classes wrote me birthday messages all over the board. One class also wrote a bunch of notes and laminated them on a piece of paper.

Here’s a picture of everything I received throughout the day. So sweet.

Birthday presents in Daegu, South Korea

Some examples of the notes students wrote to me:

Congratulations Jina
Happy Birthday!
You are pretty.
Happy Birthday

From Gina Teacher
Hi Gina. Is it your birthday today?
It’s unbelievable.
Happy Birthday Gina
See you next class.
to Evan

So it turned out to be a wonderful day at school and all my classes were very well behaved and tried to pay attention in class, despite the fact that I’d planned a much too hard birthday lesson.

After school, Joel and I went to Pho Thai for the 4th time Dessertthis month and it’s still not getting old. Next time I’ll take pictures of the delicious Pho and Pad Thai we order every time. For dessert at home we had chocolate, fruit and wine. Yummm.

Overall it was a wonderful birthday and I’m excited to celebrate with all my new friends in Daegu on Friday!

Oh, and for everyone who’s asked how Koreans celebrate their birthdays, it is much the same as in the US. They normally have a dinner with close family, where everyone eats seaweed soup, and they sometimes get presents, normally money. So, I guess it’s a little smaller event than we might have…and they eat seaweed soup. 🙂

Korean Seaweed Soup

Seaweed Soup...Yummmm


3 Responses to “Another year older”

  1. Gina,

    Sounds like you had a nice BDay.
    May you have many more!
    Love Roxie

  2. Hooray for good birthdays! (happy belated)

  3. So glad you had such a great day! ❤ you!

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