Advanced vs. Low 8th Graders

The assignment was to create a playbill for your favorite play, movie or story.

Advanced Kids

Click below for the other drawing. You won’t be disappointed. (Kind of NSFW, if things drawn in crayon can be NSFW).

Low Kids

From what I can tell, they’re penis and vagina popsicles.


6 Responses to “Advanced vs. Low 8th Graders”

  1. Aren’t middle schoolers just awesome?

  2. a Kim in Seoul Says:

    ‘아이스케끼(ice-cakee)’ is also a Japlish-Konglish word for ice pop, which in turn means…

    I guess you could get away with it if you were an elementary school kid in Korea up until the 1990s.

    There’s even an eponymous Korean film.

  3. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I seriously almost just DIED laughing at work. if they are meaning to make penis popsicles, these children are genius artists.

  4. Wow- and I thot this was a prudish culture! I guess someone’s dad has Asian Playboy or porn.

  5. Mylene perez Says:

    Wow … would get sent to the office and have HRS called on you for sex abuse, if my kids would bring that into school.

  6. Such dirty minds, everyone. 😉 The title just says “My Love Ice-Cake.”

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