My Quest for Hobbies

Ever since we’ve arrived in Daegu I’ve felt incomplete without being able to partake in my favorite activity, this of course, being horseback riding. In an effort to fill the void in my life I’ve been on a quest to find new hobbies I can occupy my time with. My newest trial is taking Jive dance classes with 2 of my fellow teachers from school. This has been quite the experience as the class members are not used to having a foreigner around and are quite entertained by it. One of the men in the class immediately took a liking to me and demanded to dance with me the entire class. See below for how it went.

Daegu, Korea, Dance

Taking a Jive dance class in Daegu, Korea

Most of those attending this dance class happened to be teachers, or administrators in schools in the area. When the above Fine Arts teacher first saw me in class he was very excited and started calling to me in English from across the room. When my co-teacher finally pushed me into dancing with him he refused to let anyone else dance with me when we were asked to change partners.  My first impression of his sweatband, disheveled hair and insistence that he was Crazy!….about dance, at first had me mildly frightened, but he turned out all right.

He ended up being very nice enthusiastic, spoke good enough English, and taught me all the steps the class had already learned while they were practicing new steps. By the end of the first class I had caught up to the whole routine. It turned out to be quite a workout and was a nice experience to try to get involved with some fellow Koreans and have fun with my co-teacher outside of school. I’ve been to two more classes since and I managed to dance with a few others before the Fine Arts teacher stole me back in the 3rd class after he told me I broke his heart.

Check out what I’ve learned so far:

Other than dance, I’ve managed to take one Yoga class so far. The studio is called Ayurveda Yoga Academy, and they have two studios in Daegu, one in Manchon and one in Siji. I actually haven’t been to their studios, but they started a free yoga class at Buy The Book in downtown Daegu. It was a very relaxing class on a Sunday afternoon, and I’m looking forward to their next class on April 11th. Check out their facebook page for more info.

So even though it doesn’t look like I’ll be riding any horses in the near future, I suppose I’ll be able to fill my free time somehow. Maybe I’ll even rekindle my love for percussion…just have to bribe some music teacher to let me sit in on their Music after school activities.

**And just because it didn’t feel right not to mention her, see below for a few pictures of my riding trainer, and last day at the barn. A few weeks after arriving in Daegu I found out she had passed away of natural causes at an unfortunate early age. She was an amazing woman and taught me a great deal about riding and life. I still can’t believe I won’t be seeing her when I get back. Miss you Pat, thanks for everything.**

Having cupcakes, my last day at the barn

Making Faces


14 Responses to “My Quest for Hobbies”

  1. If people in this country had street addresses, I would find that guy and kick his ass.

  2. Joel, I think you’ve found your first opportunity to put your Tae Kwon Dance skills to the test…


  3. I love this post! I watched the ENTIRE minute and a half of your dance class and it looks awesome. I’ve been taking up spinning here in Miami so we’ll see where that leads (hopefully to a slimmer me!)


  4. I love this post! I watched the ENTIRE minute and a half of your dance class and it looks awesome. I’ve been taking up spinning here in Miami so we’ll see where that leads (hopefully to a slimmer me!)


  5. o.m.f.g. that picture of mr. sweatband is nothing short of FANTASTIC. I am in love. hook me up with Korean Borat ASAP.

  6. and by the way, you are super good at jive!!! Cindy and I both watched the video

  7. Nana & Papa would truly have been proud, as am I. You are living such a full life!

  8. hi . u have lovely blog . I’m Iranian.I’m happy to see the my blog.My website is about the Maya people.내 웹사이트는 마야 사람입니다
    bye .널 기다리고있어
    내가 한국 사람 좋아해

  9. Rafaela Says:

    Absolutely impressive!!! I never heard of Jive before but it seems fun and and you have the moves…hahahahaha

    PS: Still trying to get over the fact that there are no street addresses there.

  10. Liisa DeNunzio Says:

    You go Gina. Glad you are keeping up the ‘Nanna’ dance tradition.
    Looks like fun!!! Lots of love to you and Joel. Aunt Lisa

  11. BabyJ!! Ponte las pilas…y saca your Cuban dancing man del closet jijijijijijiji Gina looks gorgeous!!!

  12. Wow, Joel better watch out! I always knew you secretly fancied men in headbands.

  13. Did you ever find anywhere to go riding in/around Daegu?

  14. Hi Jane,

    Unfortunately I did not. My co-teacher called the one place I found and they told her they do not accept foreigners. I’ve heard there are other places where you might be able to ride, like Apsan, but I haven’t tried any. If you have any luck let me know!!

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