The sun will come outtt…..

…today! Finally, after several days of gloom and doom the sun is shining and it’s Election Day!  Glad I choose today to bring my camera and take pictures of the school, as it’s bound to be an entertaining day. As I approach the school I see students with signs campaigning for their favorite candidates.

Here’s a picture of me in action teaching a Grade 1 class on Transportation, the kids can barely contain their excitement! No really…the Grade 1 students are quickly becoming my favorite grade, probably because a combination of factors such as: 1. They are super excited almost no matter what I am teaching them. 2. They are the most eager to talk and participate out of all the grades. 3. I teach them on Thursdays and Fridays, when I only have 3 classes a day compared to 4 and 5 the rest of the week 🙂

Lunch update: Normally the school lunch is pretty good. Always has rice, some kind of soup, usually some kind of meat or fish, kimchi, and a vegetable. Since today’s lunch was the one I decided to take a picture of, it choose today to be sub-par. Here’s what was served: lower left circle – rice, lower right – ham soup (and by ham I mean little chopped up pieces of vienna sausages and spam), top left – pickled radish, top center – Mackeral fish, with lots of bones and “thorns” you have to pick out, top right – what I call “fish brains”, really some kind of fish and flour mash shaped into balls. So today, not the most appetizing, but most days it’s quite good.

Here are some other random pictures of election day. Does anyone remember what elections were like when we were in Middle/High School? They keep asking me questions about what things are like in America, and I find I don’t remember much. I can barely remember what we had for lunch at school. Guess I blocked out those days…

Boys in line waiting to vote.

Girls standing in line to vote.

Here is my school on a clear day

Check out the rest of the pictures of our schools.

Oh, and almost forgot. As I was leaving school a group of boys were waiting out front for something, and starting singing to me as I walked by. They were singing “Youu are sooo beautifullll…to meee” Hard to stay mad at the kids for long when they compliment you 100 times a day.

Have a great weekend all! Peace out.


2 Responses to “The sun will come outtt…..”

  1. Gina- take some video of your classes so we can see how they proceed. Love, Dad

  2. Yeah, your lunch looks a little scarier than mine. I usually have very obvious vegetable/namul things & its not really fishy fish. BTW- our elem class elections were at the beginning of the semester tho… but it’s per class.

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