My humble abode

I know everyone has been patiently awaiting more pictures of my apartment so here it is, the grand tour.

Our part of town isn’t the most exciting, pretty city-like, kind of dirty, a lot of restaurants, even though they all seem to be BBQ. It’s a 15 minute walk to the closest subway station, which isn’t bad, and then maybe a 10 minute subway trip to downtown. I’m sure we’ll find some gems in our area (hopefully) as time goes by, but until then, we’ll probably be doing a lot of venturing out.

Here’s my apartment building:

Daegu, South Korea

Check out the video tour of the apartment:

**Coming Soon: a tour of Joel’s apartment down the steep hill and around the corner!


9 Responses to “My humble abode”

  1. wow,honey, a documentary- thanks much!
    Next up, you tour of the marketplace, dance festival, etc.!
    LOve you- miss you!

  2. Joel, that giggle at 1:40 deserves a major nish nish

  3. That’s a cute apt. Slightly different from mine but not by much and it all balances out in pros & cons… But WOW your refrigerator is big… i’ve got a hotel-sized refrig and your bath is a bit larger than mine but… isn’t it kinda unsafe to have your washing machine in a place that will get wet frequently? I’m just sayin…

  4. Wow! Nice shower Baby J !! Better than you expected no?

  5. Do they only show Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies on TV 24/7?

  6. Not gonna lie…Im liking the pink flowers on the wall ha ha! Just letting you know Im keeping up with your blog and miss you! xo

  7. Thank you sooo much for this tour! The apt is not bad at all. And i agree with Samantha, the pink flowers wall is an added plus! Now about the shower, is there no way that you could install a shower curtain? Although after seeing the pictures of the hanging eletrical cables on your swtreet, im not surprise to see that your washing machine is invading your shower space….hehehehehe…..miss you.

  8. Oscar Ibars Says:

    lmao – too funny seeing bruce lee on the tv. have fun and go gators!

  9. Aunt Gina & Uncle Mickey Says:

    Hi Gina, I wasn’t able to see the pictures of your apartment. Will try my computer at work tomorrow. I’m enjoying reading your blog. You have a real knack for writing. Hey, maybe they’ll make a movie out of it, like “Julie and Julia.!” Love, Aunt Gina

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