Learning Korean is hard…

…let’s just watch K-Pop videos instead.

Saw this video about 15 times in class today. Obviously the Korean is a little over my head, but it was pretty fun watching our teacher dance along.

There’s even an English version of this song, but that wouldn’t be as fun. Enjoy 🙂


7 Responses to “Learning Korean is hard…”

  1. When I saw it was called “Nobody,” I was secretly hoping it was the Korean Keith Sweat…

  2. So cute! I love their outfits.

  3. Oscar Ibars Says:

    Hilarious man, love the bathroom scene!

  4. Alex Rodriguez-Triana Says:

    KIM YU-NA…KIM YU-NA!!!!!!!!!

    Get ready to hear that crap for months to come

  5. […] Gina have packed their Miami bags and moved to Korea to teach English for a year. They’re blogging about their Korean adventures and recently introduced me to this ultra cute music video by the […]

  6. Maybe there’s some way to communicate in Kpop songs without actually mastering the language. I’m sure there’s enough Kpop ditties that k folk know that would make a conversation possible if not smooth.

    if you are guys are up for a link exchange im over at kissmykimchi.com!


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