When life gives you lemons…

The time is fast approaching for us to actually get on a plane and begin our yearlong adventure. But in the meantime, we had to make it up to Baltimore one last time to see my sister before we left. Little did we know we’d make it just in time for the snowpocalypse.

We arrived Thursday night to a calm and peaceful city. Friday morning it started flurrying, and I said to my sister, ‘is this it? doesn’t seem like this could equal the predicted 20+ inches of snow’ she laughed and said, ‘umm, no, it’s not snowing yet.’

So for the rest of the day the snow got harder and harder, until the whole city shut down to board themselves up preparing for the blizzard of all blizzards. Still seemed a little odd coming from a city where the frequent tropical storms and minor hurricanes don’t phase anyone.

So instead of staying in like the rest of the city, we decided to venture out Friday night to have a few drinks at Brewer’s Art, an awesome bar that is thankfully walking distance from her house. We had to carry umbrellas to block the crazily blowing snow at this point. After enjoying a few Resurrections we decided we’d head home. As we walked through the doors on the way out, the bartender passed us and scoffed, laughing ‘Good Luck!’

In two hours the snow had built up another foot or so, burying every tree, car andanything else in it’s path. The landscape looked like a cross between a winter wonderland and the frozen tundra. Our feet sank into the snow as we frolicked home, throwing snowballs and running around in the most surreal snow scene I could never imagine.

The few others who dared to be out in the middle of the blizzard were as entranced by the scene as us and we all marveled together at the crazy blizzard. The next day the snow kept coming and Obama deemed the blizzard that was covering the Baltimore/DC area Snowmagedden. Check out this weather caster predicting doom.

Needless to say, the city pretty much shut down for the remainder of our stay. We managed to make it out to a few more bars and restaurants, walking between each through the narrow foot paths that had been carved between the mountains of snow.

I look at our trip to Baltimore as a sign of things to come. No matter what plans we make for the next year, we’ll have to learn to go with the flow and be flexible, as I’m sure many curveballs will be thrown at us during our travels, and we’ll have to get used to the unexpected.

Thankfully though, the blizzard forced us to take it easy, canceling all the shopping and tours that we had scheduled and allowing us to spend more quality time cooking dinners, drinking wine, playing boardgames, and enjoying the most intense marvel of nature Baltimore has seen in a while.

So thanks Baltimore winter…Korea bring it on.


3 Responses to “When life gives you lemons…”

  1. Lisa DeNunzio Says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Baltimore with Liana. The snow and the ‘bonding’ sounded like lots of fun. We are so proud of you and excited about your new adventure. We will stay posted for updates.
    Lots of love, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Artie

  2. omg that newscaster was FANTASTIC!!!! PARALYZINGGGG AHHHHHHH AHHHHHH hahahahah I love it. ps I subscribed to get updates when you post a new post. Also, I put your blog in my favorites. woohooo!

  3. I like the title of your blog!

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